I'm Al, a graphic designer and video producer, among other things.

By day, I'm a Communications Specialist for the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

By night, I am usually open to taking on various design projects on a freelance basis. Send me a message if you want to chat about any ideas you may have! To view directly into my soul, check out my personal YouTube videos, and if you need a good laugh, watch my fake tutorial videos at World Wide Tutorials. Here's a music video I wrote, performed, and produced for the MN DOC. I'd give it a thumbs up.


Here are some projects I have worked on, from web design and development, to graphic design.

Comic Strip

This is a comic strip I created from scratch for the Department of Corrections’ Staff Professionalism campaign.

Jim Abeler for U.S. Senate

Minnesota Representative Jim Abeler asked me to help him defeat Al Franken in 2014’s election for U.S. Senate. This killer website should help.

“Boot Camp” Documentary for the DOC

This is a documentary-style video I produced completely on my own; from every camera shot and interview, to all the editing, graphic elements, and music production.

Kandy Rae Photography

A photography portfolio website powered by WordPress, and my awesome design skills.

Minnesota Dial-a-Ride

A WordPress blog I designed all the graphics for during the Nerdery’s 2013 24 Hour Web Challenge, along with a team of 9 other developers and project managers.

Tallen & Baertschi Law Firm

A website created for a local Minneapolis law firm, featuring a jQuery slideshow, HTML5 video player, and WordPress blog integration.

The Mighty Mo! Design Co. Booklet

This is a booklet I created for a marketing campaign for The Mighty Mo! Design Co. Click on it to browse through the pages, if your heart so desires.

JC Penny

This is a faux JC Penny advertisement for a newspaper flyer.

Business Checklist Design

These are the types of projects that a lot of people take for granted, making a three page business checklist look appealing to fill out. This is page one.

Magazine Covers

Here are some examples of faux magazine covers.

Flu.gov Advertisement

This is a video I created for Flu.gov’s flu season awareness commercial contest. My mom really thought I should’ve won.

Guitar Center Commercial

This is a school project created with Adobe AfterEffects.

Vikings Promo Video

This is a faux commercial I created with Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects.

Flash Portfolio

This is my old portfolio website that I had going for several years. I created a pretty neato shooting game on the home page, and had some other cool Flash elements. Good ol’ days!

Electronic Design

I have skills in a variety of media arts. And I'm not afraid to use them.